Flamefest – Festival
18. August 2017
Kent (UK)
Secret - TBA -


…the festival for enlightened, kinky partygoers – is back!

On 18-20 August, join us in an area of outstanding beauty less than an hour from London and Brighton. Get back to nature and rediscover your wild side with DJs, live music, extreme performances, movie nights, daytime workshops, ridiculous games, an adult play area and steamy outdoor hot tubs.

During the day, we’ll be playing chill-out, funk, rock, trip hop, and eclectic vibes to accompany the relaxed atmosphere of daylight Flamefest.
On Saturday night, our main stage (with its magnificent Void Acoustics sound system) plays host to our epic DJ line-up!
Electronic music giants Stanton Warriors lead the charge along with former Fabric residents Plump DJs. The Beat Assassins bring along a live vocalist, ELi, for their set, and the legendary Tim Samsara makes an appearance, while rising stars like G Minor, Adam Schock, Rockit Riyad, LaGuardia and Heleness will all contribute to the musical mayhem. Sam ‚Fitch‘ Redfern and U4ric will also be spinning the tunes, and we welcome back Flamefest favourites Peter Andrews, T7A and Beatroute plus fetish veteran Rob Maynard. Just added to the line-up too are DJ Bobby Lost, Don Capello and Satanico Pandemonium.
We’ll be dazzling you with some spectacular lighting from the main stage too, so keep your shades on all through the night.

If you like playing with fire, you’re in the right place. Our fiery performers will be lighting up the place while our extreme performances will push the boundaries of the expected. We’ll be joined by the likes of Circa Extreme, Amazing Mouse, Mad Alan, Cynth Icorn and Helena Von Kuntz for these. If you want to join in the fun, we’ll be running circus skills workshops, kink education sessions, yoga, art classes and more.
And that’s before we even talk about the supervised adult play area, where there are sure to be a few exhibitionists eager to show off their talents…

We’ve split the whole festival into six themed zones: Wind, Earth, Fire, Wood, Water and Metal. Dress accordingly…
WIND: Breeze in and out through the main entrance/exit, where our helpful attendants will be happy to show you to your parking space and get you settled. Just look what the wind blew in!
EARTH: The green, green grass of Flamefest will be your home for the weekend, whether you’re camping in your own tent, bringing along your campervan or staying in one of our boutique tents. The Earth area is your base between visits to the main zones, with easy access to toilets and fresh running water and showers.
FIRE: The disco inferno that is the main dance area – the burning heart of the festival where you can feel the heat of the main stage. Don’t try to fight the fire: let it consume you and fill you with passion while our DJs and performers entertain you with their searing night-time spectacle!
WOOD: Rooted in nature, this woodland area is a place to chill, eat, drink, relax and chat. Comfy sofas, logs and hammocks are there for you to be seated while gentler sounds play than in the fiery main area. Here, beneath the trees, is where the Flamefest daytime workshops are held: learn hooping or poi, join a drawing or yoga class, or take part in a cacao ceremony. You can also get a drink or some food from the canteen or bathe in one of our luxury hot tubs in the nearby glade.
WATER: The Flamefest lake is the most peaceful area in the festival – a place where you can sit all day, watch the water, and soak up the beauty. This is where to go if you want to be away from the main action, to take time out alone or with your friends or lovers. Immerse yourself in stillness and tranquillity, a safe distance from the burning heart of Flamefest.
METAL: Flamefest brings kink to the foreground of festival culture. Our outdoor dungeon is discreetly secluded, furnished with fetish play equipment and monitored by our friendly assistants. Explore pain, experience pleasure and fulfil your fantasies on this mystical site, where witches‘ covens have met for centuries.

From the Flames Events were created with one aim: to bring communities together – particularly the kinksters, the ravers and those on the ‚conscious‘ scene. We believe these communities have a lot in common and can all benefit from joining forces.
Flamefest is an opportunity to create, explore, live out fantasies, meet similar minds, be the best version of yourself and become more than the sum of your parts – all accompanied by an excellent sonic and visual experience, delivered by the finest AV systems.
While there’s a strict code of etiquette in the adult play area, the rest of the festival is simply governed by respect – for each other and for the environment.

***Home comforts***
Don’t worry, we’ve sorted out all the practical stuff too:
– A canteen serving meat, vegetarian, vegan and GF food
– A bar serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
– A campsite for tents and campervans
– Covered areas including 3 marquees to protect you from the elements
– A wood-fired sauna and hot tub
– Running water, showers and toilets

Standard Advance tickets are still available after our early bird tickets sold out. We also give you the opportunity to pay in 3 installments, and luxury boutique tents are also available.
Get yours here today!


Strictly for adults 18+ years old. No pets allowed.