Radiostation & more…

As some of might know I'm hosting a Radioshow on KICK RADIO UK since 2012
And it was and still is always fun. This station means more to me now as I never could imagin. KickRadio was created to give musicians djs a place to play frequent radioshows to spread their sound all over the globe. Originally founded out of a group of DJMAG forum members,
it become much more then just a few blokes playing some tunes from time to time.
Most of us are family members now and its always one of the top events to me to travel around meet you guys and enjoying to spend time together. After a wide range of Kick:Events im so looking forward to see you guys again in October.
When we again – Enter FATE Rushden – to have one of our top nights together!

Thanks to Kick:Crew for supporting me constantly over the years 🎶


Even when im playing a show on 54House CLUBSTREAM (1st and 3rd Friday per month) Im still dropping some tunes on Kick from time to time and this wont change X 🎶 X thank you for having me…

.. Adam